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Pixeltrue Mockup Generator

Pixeltrue Mockup Generator – Create beautiful product mockups in seconds for Free! Link: More

Stratum UI Design Kit

A huge #UI kit of over 9000 consistent Figma components ready to use! Stratum UI Design Kit: More

Sourcery: Grammarly for code

Sourcery is Grammarly for code It helps you to make your code clearer and more concise thanks to AI. Try it out, it’s free:

FlutterFlow: no-code tool

FlutterFlow is a no-code platform to build native mobile. FultterFlow is an online no-code platform that allows you to easily create an app visually. FlutterFlow supports...

Characterz: 3D illustrations

Characterz is an amazing library of 3D illustrations with endless combinations. The possible combinations of 3D avatars are more than 8 million and +9000 PNGs...

Spline: 3D design tool ????

Spline is a 3D design tool to easily create and publish 3D web experiences. You can insert text, create geometric shapes, modify materials, and import...

Protopie Plugin for Figma!

Now you can import your designs from Figma into ProtoPie and turn them into interactive prototypes. #figmadesign #ProtoPie Try Protopie plugin for Figma:…/908870217222043020/ProtoPie-Plugin More

Lottie Desktop Mac App ????

Now you can test your Lottie animations on your desktop with the new Mac App. Link to download Mac App: More

ClipDrop – AR Copy Paste app ????

ClipDrop (AR Copy-Paste) allows you to capture any objects from its surroundings and paste directly into your design. ???? #AR ClipDrop (AR Copy-Paste) is now available on...

Humans 3D character pack

Humans 3D is a pack of 80 different 3d characters, easy to customize. The characters have elegant outfits and various poses to choose from.Just drag...