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VisualEyes is the first A.I. design assistant that can predict the attention in your designs. 🤖🔥 #ux #ai #heatmaps The plugin is available for Sketch, Figma & Adobe XD👉

Dimensions – Measure everything in the screen

Measure everything you see in the browser with Dimensions! 📐👩‍💻 Take measure between images, input-fields, buttons, videos, text, icons and also radius of a circle. Dimensions...

After Effects & Lottie in Webflow

Great News for Webflow users! 🎉 Now you can add AE animations to your Webflow site by uploading Lottie JSON files. #nocode 🎬🔥 Product Hunt 👉 article 👉 More

MixKit Art – Free Illustrations

Are you looking for #illustrations to include in your project? Check out these beautiful, completely #free illustrations made by talented creators. 👩‍🎨⚡️ @mixkit_co 👉

Quest AI + Adobe XD

With the Quest AI plugin you can instantly convert Adobe XD designs into responsive websites. 💻🔥 It is not necessary to know the code to use...

ScreenSpace Promo

The ScreenSpace Promo is a tool that allows you to create high quality promotional videos for your apps or web sites in just a few...

Android rebrand! ⚡️

Google announces the Android rebrand! ⚡️New colors accompanied by a restyling of the iconic robot. 🤖 👉…/android/evolving-android-brand/ More

Artyline: trasform sketch-to-screen

Artyline is a new an App that converts your paper sketches into stylish UIs in real-time, using AR. The process to follow is very simple. Draw...

Vectonator: new powerful graphic design tool

With Vectornator you can create illustrations, beautiful designs, amazing layouts — all in one super powerful tool. Read the article about Vectonator on Medium:

3D and AR UI mock-up with VECTARY

Learn how to prototyping a 3D and AR UI mock-up with VECTARY 🔥 2D-focused designers usually use vector-based formats and tools when creating prototypes for new user interfaces. The new Vectary...