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TinaCMS: the future of content editing

TinaCMS is an open-source site Editing toolkit for React-based sites ✍️💻 #Gatsby & #Nextjs 👉 More

Movin Icons: animated icons pack

Another amazing animated icons pack. ✌️+100 icons fully customizable in SVG, AE, AI, JSON, HTML and XML formats. 👉 More

WebGL sketches by Yi-Wen Lin. 🔥

A collection of sketches made with WebGL by Yi-Wen Lin. 🔥#webgl #code #github 👉 More

200 free animated icons

200 free amazing animated #icons by Icons8 🥳Download: JSON (Lottie), GIF, and AE formats. 👉 More

Pitch: collaborative software for presentations 👩‍💼⚡️

Pitch – beta – is a collaborative software to quickly create stunning presentations! 👩‍💼⚡️ Get early access 👉 More

Liquid Swipe by Cuberto – Github

Do you want to replicate this kind of effect? ⚡️ Take a look at Cuberto Design’s project on Github.Liquid-Swipe👉 More

We love Icons!

All designers love icons! Those small images that we insert into our projects to represent a service or an idea are an aspect of design...

CopyPalette 🌈👩‍🎨

Take a look at this small #color tool to create monochromatic palettes. Export in SVG and use it in Figma,Sketch or XD by just using...

UI Bakery

UI Bakery is a low-code prototyping tool that generates Angular code instantly! 🔥💻 Project by Akveo 👉 More

100k Free faces generated by #AI 😮🤖

100k Free faces generated by #AI 😮🤖 You can use them in your next project without copyright! 👉 More