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Sketch in 2020!🎉

Some anticipations of what awaits us in Sketch in 2020!🎉 #Handoff, #Assistant, Better #Prototyping, #Coediting Youtube video 👉Read the article on Medium 👉 More

Vectornator Pro on Mac! 🖥 🥳

Vectornator finally arrives on your Mac! 🖥🥳 For those who don’t know it yet, Vectornator is an extraordinary vector graphic design tool. 👉 More

Framer Web 👥⚡️

News for Framer users‼️Framer is going web based with multi-user editing. 👥⚡️ Request Beta invite 👉 More

Gilde Pro

Now building apps from spreadsheets with Gilde Pro give you more power! 💪The Pro version provide you:support for 25,000 rows, custom branding & domains, in-app purchases,...

Vectary 3D plugin for Figma 🎉

Another amazing plugin for Figma! 🎉VECTARY 3D plugin lets you place 3D elements into your design. More info & Tutorial 👉…/figma-3D-vectary-plugin/ Check out what also you can do...

Line Awesome by Icons8

Line Awesome is a great alternative to Awesome Fonts. ⚡️1380+ modern line #icons ready for use in a line of code. #Free and #opensource project by Icons8 👉 Other amazing tools by...

Culr Palettes is now a Mac app! 🎉

Now Culr Palettes is a Mac app! 🎉With this #color tool you can speed up the process of choosing colors for your design. 🌈 Download here 👉 More

BuilderX: from Sketch to React

We are in the era of #nocode tools. 🤖Today we present another one: Builder X.This browser-based design tool, codes React Native & React for you. 👉 More

Isoflat: easily create isometric illustrations

Do you like Isometric illustrations? 🤩Now you can use this online tool to easily create a stunning isometric illustrations to insert in your website.Export in #jpg #svg #png 👉

TinaCMS: the future of content editing

TinaCMS is an open-source site Editing toolkit for React-based sites ✍️💻 #Gatsby & #Nextjs 👉 More