Rotato 100 📲⚡️

Design camera: Rotato

With Rotato you can create amazing presentation of your design in 3D! 📲⚡️

Design Camera â€” Rotato- is a very powerful tool that allows you to create beautiful animated 3D models. The tool has many functions to create mockup movie and image for promotional videos, presentations and app store images.

Inserting the images and videos of your designs into Design Camera is very simple, just a simple drag and drop and you will view your projects in beautiful 3d mockups.
This tool will allow you to animate mockups with a timeline, record and capture your screen, generate app Store image, create photo realism and more.
Design Camera also provides a set of predefined animations to quickly create beautiful 3d mockups. In addition, you can also set other video features such as lens, HDR and post production and the environment.

The Design camera website provides a complete series of tutorials on using the tool, in which you can learn all the secrets to create a perfect 3d animated mockup.

The devices available in Design Camera are: iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X and XS, Android, Samsung S9, Clean-neutral phone mockup, Macbook laptop, iPad Pro tablet, iPhone 8 phone and Samsung tv.

It is possible to try Design Camera — Rotato — for free, but to take advantage of all the features of the tool you need to buy the pro version for 39 euros (one payment, not a subscription). The pro version includes: no watermark forever, keep and use the app forever, one year of free updates, 10+ one-click clips by pro animators, DSLR-level virtual camera and 4K ultra HD resolution.

❗️New: Timeline to organize your animations, 4x faster, New 3D models & more…

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