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Strartup 4 by Designmodo

Among the tools I want to recommend for creating a successful page, there is definitely Startup.
This web app created by the Designmodo team allows you to create a landing page via drag & drop.

This simple website builder is based on the popular Bootstrap framework and can be used in the free (limited) or paid version, where you will have an unlimited arrangement of blocks to create your template.
The operation of the app is very simple and intuitive. In a few minutes you can create your page by dragging the various pre-built blocks (menus, headers, call-to-action, etc …) that you will find on the left side of the app, while on the right you can customize the various sections, changing the text , links, icons, fonts, colors, etc … It is also possible to insert new classes, which will be useful once the code is exported.

In simple steps, you can get an effective page with a decidedly modern style, ready to be exported and published.
Startup version 4 also allows you to upload images from your gallery, add attributes to each element, modify the HTML tag, change the settings of an entire block such as padding, background, etc.
In addition, it is also possible to create pages with the random function which can then be customized according to the project.

Slides Framework by Designmodo

Startup is for me the most functional option among the various landing page builders I have tried. Its flexibility in combining the various components allows you to create unique pages. Furthermore, thanks to the excellent documentation, it is easy to understand how it works and take full advantage of the tool.
The price of the paid version is $ 89 for 3 months ($ 249 per year, saving $ 107), with full access to all templates, unlimited exports, with the ability to cancel your subscription at any time.

To underline the excellent and fast support provided by the Designmodo team.

You can try Startup here:

One option I want to include with Startup is Slides, a tool also from Designmodo. This web app gives you the ability to create a landing page through the combination of pre-made animated slides. The slides can be an excellent solution for the particular presentation of some projects such as the launch of an app or a product in which the user is guided through a path composed of slides that slide vertically or horizontally.

Slides 5

The large collection of slides that can be combined give you the opportunity to present your idea in a modern and persuasive way, thanks also to the beautiful animations.
The web app also allows you to easily edit the various slides, thanks to a powerful editor where you can choose the type of animation, the navigation style between the slides, the type of top and bottom panel, etc …Slides provides you with a clear code, easy to understand and to modify at your convenience.
It is an extremely flexible solution to create a creative presentation page in no time.
It is possible to try this excellent web app for free thanks to a demo (no credit card required) with limited slides, animations and settings. Otherwise you can choose between paid plans with unlimited access to all slides and settings, project management, support and updates: monthly $29/month; quarter $49/per quarter (save $38); yearly $179/year (save $169).

Try Slides here:

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