We love Icons! The best icon packs πŸ“¦

A collection of the best Icon Packs πŸ“¦

All designers love icons! Those small images that we insert into our projects to represent a service or an idea are an aspect of design that cannot be overlooked. Their function is both aesthetic and strengthening of what we want to represent.
Below we have collected a series of free and paid icon packs that will be very useful when planning an online project. The list contains the best icons created by agencies and graphic designers from all over the world. You will find online tools to customize them to your liking, packages of thousands of fantastic icons and even animated icons sets to be exported in various formats. Surely you will be able to find the option that best suits your needs. Let’s go Icons lovers!

πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ Unicons + Icondrop

Author: Iconscout

Package: 1000+ free vector icons & icon font. 20+ Categories in Line style

Export available: SVG files

Plugin: you can download Icondrop plugin to use in your favorite tool (Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Ai) 


Plugin Icondrop:

πŸ‘Ύ Streamline 3.0

Author: Vincent Le Moign

Package: Huge amazing pack of over 30,000 icons, 53 categories, 720 sub categories

Export available: .iconjar, .sketch, .fig, .svg, .ai, .pdf, png

Price: Free Plan (100 icons in 3 weight); Essential 194$ (14 categories specifically for UI design); Ultimate 274 $ (All pack with 53 categories).


πŸŽƒ useAnimations

Author: Patrik Svoboda

Package: Micro-library of Free animated icons. Easy implementation in your app or website

Export available: Adobe AE & Lottie (.json)

Price: Free


πŸ™ Icons8

Creator: Icons8

Package: 91000 Icons, 26 styles, around 50 categories + Amazing Desktop App

Export available: Free PNG; Paid version also SVG, EPS and PDF

Price: Free (icon packs in SVG and PNG); 19,90$/month (all icon packs, any size and format, desktop apps, no linking required)


πŸ¦“ Zest

Creator: John W. Long

Package: 544 quality icons – 24 categories

Export available: SVG and PNG

Extra: Sketch and Figma formats are available with the PRO version

Price: Zest Pro 99$ (all 544 icons, Sketch & Figma documents, PNG & SVG formats, lifetime updates); Free (63 brand and social icons in SVG and PNG)


πŸ¦„ “The Icon of”

Creator: Majo Puterka

Package: 1000+ pixel perfect icons – 21 categories

Export available: Sketch, XD, Studio, Figma, Iconjar, Svg, Ai, Png

Price: Free (100 icons); Full Set $49.99 (all icons pack, any formats, free updates forever)

Download: https://theiconof

🍏 SF Symbol System (Beta)

Creator: Apple

Package: Mac App with +1,500 configurable symbols – Requires macOS 10.14.4 or later

Price: Free


🦎 Material Icons Library

Creator: Pixsellz

Package: 1000+ icons – 3 styles – 16 categories

Export available: Sketch, Figma, Studio, SVG, XD, PSD

Price: Free



Creator: Design+Code

Package: 1000+ customizable, animated icons in 10 different styles.

Export available: React, SVG and Lottie code.

Extra: Shape editor includes also illustrations.

Price: Free (limited icons and illustrations, PNG and Code, Personal use allowed); Pro 50$ (1000 + icons and illustrations; all formats: SVG, JSON, Code; unlimited downloads; commercial use allowed).


🐦 Flight Icons

Creator: Brodie Pointon

Package: Animated icon pack built for iOS, Android, Web (Lottie Files) and Video. Icons comes from Feather Icons, a project by @colebemis

Export available: .json and GIF

Price: Free


🐝 Ikonate

Creator: Mikolaj Dobrucki &

Package: Fully customizable vector icons set. 100% free and open-source project!

Export available: SVG files

Price: Free


🦜 Outlane – Animated SVG Icons Pack

Creator: Outlane Graphics –

Package: 100 animated vector icons – 10 icons by category

Export available: SVG and Lottie files. The pack includes the source files for Adobe After Effects.

Price: 69 $


🌊 IconSVG

Creator: Gaddafi Rusli

Package: Online tool where you can customize icons (stroke, color, size, ends, joins) and then download them or copy the code.

Export available: SVG files. You can copy the React code.

Price: Free


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